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We help define, design, engineer and deliver mass-manufactured products.

Startup Support

We support startups with our free advice, templates, and tools. We help them convince investors by providing in-depth information, creating stunning visualizations, and producing prototypes. Find out how we can help you succeed.

Design & Innovation

Innovation is key to staying ahead in a competitive market. By being part of your team we add value through our expertise, experience, and network. Give us a challenge, and together we will find the best solution.

R & D Support

Bureaucracy kills corporate innovation. We provide a lean and start-up orientated approach and are able to bring an idea to cosmetic + functional prototypes in 3 months.



Explore what our clients have to say about us…

Working with SLIMDESIGN was a great experience. The final design is beautiful and sophisticated and their engineering expertise was a great benefit. The two intensive and fruitful workshops in Amsterdam helped to create a clear project vision.”

Masahiro Fujimoto | Senior Design Consultant | Fujitsu

“Out of the box creative designers! Able to strip away all that is unneeded and keep the essential. I highly recommend them for any product development projects.”

Eitan Wynalda | Senior Event Production Specialist | Nike EMEA


Great team to work with: hands on, pro-active and flexible. The quality of their work is outstanding, always on time and within budget. We expect that they will help a lot of other start-ups (like us) to become a success.”

Erik Harkes | CEO and Founder | BAGTAG

We collaborated with SLIMDESIGN on several projects. The final results were not only beautiful, but they always took care of all the minute mechanical and production details. Great team overall, looking forward to working with them in the near future.”

Potter Lin | Director | MSI



We work for multinationals and ambitious start-ups.

Clients & Partners


We see ourselves as an extension of our client’s development department. We build long lasting relationships by helping our clients accelerate their development process and by adding value to their projects.



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Vacancy: Industrial Design Engineer

SLIMDESIGN was founded to do the thing we love: designing great products that we are proud of and having fun in the process. Everybody is encouraged to express their interest in the kind of...

Vacancy: Senior Embedded Software Engineer / CTO

SLIMDESIGN develops consumer electronics, home appliances, and Internet of Things devices for companies like Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, Nike, and ambitious start-ups. Ambitious Tech Start-up A successful internal project has grown...

How to design a camera:
A guide in selecting components in camera design

We often get asked what the development of consumer electronics entails. To give an insight into this, we have taken the development of a camera as an example to show the different steps and expertise needed. In this article, we will...

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The goal for creating product design guidelines for your brand guide is creating a cohesive brand language for your complete product portfolio. We’ve selected the top elements your brand guide should have.

The value of product design in branding, and why you should be doing it different

Translating your core brand value into understandable product design features should be the main focus of you and your company. And we see a lot of companies where the product is an afterthought in their (re-) branding process, or worse, not even mentioned. But if you had to explain why you love a certain brand, where would you start? You would start with the product.

5 Tools to design a better User Experience in a connected world

More and more consumer electronics are becoming connected. To prevent your end user from getting lost somewhere in between the intangible digital world and your physical product, it is important to apply an overarching user experience (UX) perspective. A quick look into my world as a User Experience & Product Designer at SLIMDESIGN and some of the tools that we like to use!

Product Design Companies (and interesting design books about them)

We selected a range of product design companies that we admire and give us inspiration. They pushed the boundaries, changed markets, and enlightened the world with their products. We have been lucky to be able to work for several of them.