Nutrition System

We have worked together with XIM to create the world’s first nutrition system. 



XIM is looking to revolutionize the way people perceive and consume powder-based nutrition. Rather than using a clumpsy shaker bottle, which produces subpar drink blends, the vision of XIM is seamless nutrition-as-a-service. 



We designed XIM’s first product, the XIM45. We created an overview of the requirements and designed the industrial design and mechanical features, (embedded) software, and PCB design. With a lean team we managed to engineer the product from idea to working prototype in six months.



The XIM45 is getting ready for production and is now taking pre-orders. We continue to be involved in the background.

Project Organisation

XIM’s vision of personalised drinks meant the introduction of engineering complexity in hardware and software systems. SLIMDESIGN’s integrated approach and experience with complex projects was of great value here.


In order to craft an appliance that resonates deeply with people, we dived deep into the world of protein (some of us even joined a gym). Our objective was to thoroughly understand the rituals, expressions, and anticipated future applications of a machine that is first in its class.

Form Exploration

High-tech, precise, and yet approachable was our vision of the XIM X45.

Engineering & Prototyping

With our integrated approach of Electronics, Mechanical and Industrial design, we could build working test models.

Mixing Precision

With our in-house team of experts in electronics and mechanics, we could design the hardware and software in tandem, finetuning each element. The powder dispensing system was designed to be accurate down to 2 grams.

Blending Smoothness

Mechanical parts and electronics where designed and selected using our specification loop method, so we could progress quickly and efficiently.

Protein, Perfected.

The patent-pending emulsifying system was engineered to perfectly blend powder-based nutrition and hot or cold water.

The best water can come from a tap

No more standing water and no more standing around. Just tap a button for freshwater, anytime. With a stand-alone filter that recognizes the amount of filtration needed, and the level of filtration required by the device.


We delivered visual and functional prototypes in 6 months. The design was awarded an International Design Award.



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R & D Support

We know how bureaucracy and protocol can kill corporate innovation. We provide a lean and start-up orientated approach by supporting your in-house team or working independently. From an idea to cosmetic and functional prototypes in 3 months.

Free Design Consultation

We offer a free design consultation to discuss your project specifics, potential obstacles and provide advice on the possible routes to take your product to market.