Gaming Mouse

For Roccat we designed a concept for a gaming mouse that reflects ergonomics, great gaming experience and fits the Roccat product-line.



Create an ergonomic mouse that supports the rough and edgy brand image is not easy.  The receiver has a USB cable backup to avoid the risk of downtime when the batteries run out.



We analyzed the existing product range and brand expression. We defined the requirements and important features. Design exploration was done in a systematic way, visualizing and cross-matching the different shapes and features.   



The final concept fit well in the existing range and the consumer tests had positive results. The internal design team took over and several aspects of the design ended up in the final product.

The gaming community is very demanding. When playing long hours, egonomics is an important aspect.

Positioning in relation to the exsisting product line.  

Positioning in relation to the exsisting product line.  

Gentle flowing well defines lines. 

The receiver with its retractable USB cable.

The receiver with its retractable USB cable.



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