Child Tracker

The use of child location trackers will grow in the near future. When the child tracker design and development is executed well, they can be very useful for the parent and child.



Current tracking solutions encounter a variety of issues such as a lack of battery life, unreliable connectivity, and inaccurate location detection. The tracking device market is very competitive and we needed to stand out from the crowd.



We researched potential hazardous scenarios in and outside the home, and how children interact with their surroundings. Insights gained from our analysis of accident research and elaborate visualizations of our lives greatly influenced the design of the tracker.



Train & Track is a reliable and maintenance-free tracking solution that can educate children about a variety of dangers in and out side of the house. A soft fabric strap wraps around the child’s wrist making it comfortable for the child.

We studied a variety of other trackers to identify and improve upon problems.


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