AI Body Camera

As an internal startup, we developed a smart bodycamera.



As an internal project and startup, SLIMDESIGN developed PhoneCam from idea to market. The idea arose when the son of founder Wouter was robbed in a park. Without evidence, the case was dismissed. The need for a bodycamera that is more affordable is clearly present.



With a diverse team of hardware and software designers and engineers, we developed PhoneCam, as well as a complete ecosystem of web, Android and IOS applications. We then build AI applications to run on PhoneCam.



PhoneCam was launched on CES 2024, and will be brought to market later in 2024. The idea and execution of PhoneCam was met with great enthousiasm by press, the general public, and design critics. 


Bodycamera’s reduce the instances of violence used against police and professional security, but are inaccessible to consumers.

We circled back to the central question: how can we make life safer for those who now go without protection? We continiously talked to parents, women, and marginalised groups about their tactics and preferences.

Form & Function Exploration


Design Iterations

Engineering & Electronics

Designing a compact body camera that fully integrates into minimal space posed a challenge, and our extensive expertise in crafting small wearables proved invaluable in overcoming it.

App Ecosystem

To serve both professional B2B and consumer users, we developed web, IOS and Android applications.

Professional Safety App

For professionals without access to expensive bodycamera’s, PhoneCam can provide video evidence. Co-workers are instantly alerted when you are in a dangerous situation.

Control Room

For professional usage, we developed a control room interface where PhoneCam users in an organisation can be linked, organised, and alarm calls can be accepted.

Personal Safety App

For parents, families and elderly, PhoneCam can provide peace of mind. With a press on the PhoneCam button, an alarm is send to friends or family, alerting them you need aid, and providing them with your location and live video feed.

AI App

We wrote an AI app to demonstrate how PhoneCam can enhance your everyday life with AI. It can be an assistant at work, or describe the world to vision impaired people. We are building a framework for developers to use PhoneCam.

Product & Packaging

We designed the full product ready to be shipped, which included marketing material, packaging, production-ready software and accessories.

The best water can come from a tap

No more standing water and no more standing around. Just tap a button for freshwater, anytime. With a stand-alone filter that recognizes the amount of filtration needed, and the level of filtration required by the device.


We showcased the product at CES2024 and Mobile World Congress, where it attracted lots of interest from the press and phone, security, retail, production, and medical companies. We are currently talking to several large companies to set up a strategic partnership, enabling them to become the first to bring an affordable AI wearable to the market.

We were honored that Satea Natalla (SEO of Microsoft) visited our booth at the CES.


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