We help define, design, engineer and deliver mass-produced products.

Slim in Dutch means:
Bright | Clever | Smart | Intelligent


We design electronic products using a lean, integrated development process with minimal overheads. We design and develop products with a focus on ‘reduction to the essentials’. This philosophy allows us to create meaningful projects that push the boundaries of possibility in both design and technology.

Partners and Corporations


We function as an external development department for our partners. We have created and nurtured long-lasting relationships through the addition of value to each and every client project we work on .

Delivering Results


In an overcrowded marketplace, we help our clients to stand out from the crowd, gain a competitive edge, and increase their brand equity. We take pride in the multiple design and innovation awards we’ve received over the years, but we take the most pride in our clients’ satisfaction and securing valuable patents for them.

“Working with SLIMDESIGN was a great experience. The final design is beautiful and sophisticated and their engineering expertise was a great benefit. The two intensive and fruitful workshops in Amsterdam helped to create a clear project vision.”

Masahiro Fujimoto
Senior Design Consultant | Fujitsu

“Wouter has been involved with several of our products and has been involved in the complete design process from product conceptualization through to manufacturing support. He has proved to be an excellent designer having a strong ability in concept, detail, and manufacturing design. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a Design Engineer of high ability.”

Sir James Dyson
Founder | Dyson Ltd.

“Out of the box creative designers! Able to strip away all what is unneeded and keep the essential. I highly recommend them for any product development projects.”

Eitan Wynalda
Senior Event Production Specialist | Nike EMEA

“SLIMDESIGN worked efficiently with our internal team. The final results were not only beautiful, but they always took care of all the minute mechanical and production details. Great team overall, looking forward to working with them in the near future.”

Potter Lin
Director | MSI

“Great team to work with: hands on, pro-active and flexible. The quality of their work is outstanding, always on time and within budget. We expect that they will help a lot of other start-ups (like us) to become a success.”

Erik Harkes
CEO and Founder | BAGTAG

“SLIMDESIGN is a great studio to work with. They are strategically strong and they created real added value through unique ideas and great functional and technical solutions. Very attentive and full of enthusiasm, I can highly recommend them if you are looking for an outstanding European design partner.”

정은욱  | Eunwook Chung
Chief Marketing Officer | (주)모나미 | Monami



The SLIMDESIGN team members specialize in Design, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. For each project we put together a core team that stays involved with the project from start to finish. This enables quick and effective communication and facilitates the possibility to make effective changes at any stage of your project.

Wouter Konings Creative director

Wouter Konings
Design Director (and founder)

+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail  |   linked-in

Wouter Konings worked at Dyson (UK), Philips (shavers) and a big design consultancy, before he started the studio in 2003. His aim was to provide real added value by being a specialist in developing consumer electronics. He is very pleased that they are in a position to select the most interesting projects from clients with a similar drive and ambition.

Wouter Konings Creative director

Sam Verlaat
Industrial Designer

+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail  |  linked-in

Sam is an Industrial Designer who enjoys bringing together design, interaction, and engineering to create holistic results.

He studied Industrial Product Design at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and designed various cycling-related products at BBB Cycling after graduating.

Wouter Konings Creative director

Julian van Geijlswijk
Design Engineer

+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail   |   linked-in

After completing his studies in Industrial Product Design at Hogeschool Rotterdam, he started working as a Design Engineer. He always strives for the perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability.

Wouter Konings Creative director

Marloes ter Heege
Office Manager

+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail | linked-in

Marloes takes care of all the non-project related things in our studio. Ranging from the office management, finance, human resources, public relations and parties.

Wouter Konings Creative director

James Forrest Smith
Junior Designer

+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail   |   linked-in

James is a 3rd Year Design for Industry Student at Northumbria University, currently completing a 6-month internship at SLIMDESIGN. He is a young, pragmatic designer with a passion for developing innovative and user-centric solutions, integrating aesthetics with functionality. 

Wouter Konings Creative director
Daniël Geel
Junior Design

+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail   |   linked-in

Daniël Geel is an industrial design engineer currently doing his 3rd year Internship at SLIMDESIGN. He has a passion for making and likes to find the right solution for each problem, keeping into account everything from manufacturing to user experience.

Wouter Konings Creative director

Ad van den Bemt
Embedded Electronics Engineer

+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail |  linked-in

Ad worked in several electronics roles in the past and has experience with a broad range of technologies and a good understanding of the electronic market. At SLIMDESIGN he is responsible for electronic development. From selecting parts and designing PCBs, to sourcing and delivering working electronic subassemblies.

Wouter Konings Creative director

Roland Smeenk
AR/VR/MR/XR Engineer

+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail  |   linked-in

Roland is a software designer with a passion for technology that touches people. This includes virtual, mixed, and augmented reality, natural user interfaces, simulations, and games.

Wouter Konings Creative director

Elske Veerman
Senior Designer

+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail   |   linked-in

Elske worked for several years as an industrial designer and engineer in different companies. She has experience in strategy, design, engineering, branding and user research. She believes that all these elements are connected and integration will lead to high quality design. Her goal is to work on useful products that make people happy.

Wouter Konings Creative director

Joris Castermans
Business Developer IoT

+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail   |   linked-in

Joris has a background in industrial design and is a business specialist in the field of the ‘Internet of Things’. He developed products for clients like Honeywell, Vodafone, Heineken, Kimberly-Clark, and was business developer IoT at KPN, the largest Dutch telco. At SLIMDESIGN he helps clients with their IoT strategy and concept development.

Wouter Konings Creative director

Security Officer

+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail | linked-in

Joined SLIMDESIGN last year after completing his study at the agility school of Amsterdam. Is in charge of security and all walk and ball related projects. Want to have Neo as your next colleague? Check out our vacancies for possible suitable openings.



Herenmarkt 93C
1013 EC Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 49 22 295


Key Contact:
Wouter Konings
Product Design Director
+31 (0)20 49 22 295



SLIMDESIGN has a dynamic, open and direct studio culture. We are ambitious and hardworking, we work together to ensure client satisfaction. We are versatile and our multidisciplinary team excels in all stages of product development. As an agency, we look for growth by undertaking increasingly more interesting and challenging projects. Although design and innovation awards are great to receive, creating real added value on client projects is our priority. If you are interested in joining our studio, please send us your application.

Current job openings


We are currently looking for an Industrial Designer and Embedded Electronics Engineer / CTO and we are always interested in experienced, technical-oriented designers and engineers that can support our team. You can find all open positions here.

If you think you can be valuable in Design, CGI, UX/UI, App, Coding, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering, please send your CV and portfolio to info@slimdesign.com.



Gaining experience is key for students. We have two intern spots, available every six months for technically orientated product designers. Please send your application to info@slimdesign.com. To help students, we created this page with valuable information about our selection process and what we look for in our internship applicants.

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We post our vacancies on our Linked-In page. If you want to be notified, please follow it. We also use Facebook and Instagram to post new articles and other content.