SLIMDESIGN was founded in 2003 by Wouter Konings. In Dutch SLIM means bright, clever, smart and intelligent. We design intelligent IoT products and smart mechanics and do this with a lean integrated development process and minimal overhead. Our aim is to simplify the product we design to its bare essentials, create meaningful projects and we strive to push the boundaries in design and technology.


KNSM-Laan 109
1019 LB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 49 22 295

Key Contact:
Wouter Konings
Product Design Director
+31 (0)20 49 22 295



The SLIMDESIGN studio is located on the waterfront in the center of Amsterdam.

Loods 6

The former steamboat passenger terminal is transformed
into a creative hot spot with over 60 creative companies:
– Designers and Artists
– Architects and Photographers
– Branding and Advertising
– Cultural Companies
– Galleries and Shops
– Cafe / Bar / Restaurant

Loods 6


The SLIMDESIGN design team specializes in Design, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Complex projects (like IoT) need experts from a large variety of disciplines. For each project we built a core team that remains with the project from start to finish and use a integrated process where all aspects (Design, ME and EE) are developed simultaneously. In this way there is fluid communication, no loss of information and late changes are easier to handle. For the other disciplines we have selected partners that have similar flexibility and drive for perfection. This way we are flexible and can make sure we work with the best experts in their field.

Wouter Konings

Product Design Director
(and founder)

+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail   |   linked-in

Slimdesign design team Wouter Konings
Wouter started his design career in 1996 at Dyson (UK). Here he worked on the DC03 (a bag-less vacuum cleaner) and on a double drum washing machine. Back in the Netherlands Wouter lead, at Philishave, a team of engineers who developed a new shaver for the lowest price segment. In 2000 Wouter moved to one of the biggest Dutch design agencies. Here he was responsible for a wide range of projects: amongst others ASML, Heineken, Brabantia, Thetford, Hamax en FEI. In 2003 Wouter founded the design agency that evolved into SLIMDESIGN.

Allen Simon

Senior Product Design Engineer

+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail   |   linked-in

Slimdesign design team Allen Simon
Allen studied Engineering Design & Innovation in Amsterdam. After his studies, he was involved in the development of a body worn surveillance camera. When this was completed, Zepcam asked Allen to take a leading role in the mechanical design and development of their complete product portfolio. In 2014 Allen joined SLIMDESIGN. Allen has been a great asset to the team, not only because of his knowledge of complex embedded electronics products, but also because he is very passionate about his work. His input in our projects with Panasonic, MSI, Philips and Angelcare has been very valuable!

Matt Marchand

Junior Industrial Designer

+1 (520) 780 7996
e-mail   |   linked-in

Slimdesign design team Allen Simon
Matt is from Silicon Valley in California where he studied Industrial Design at San Jose State University. Matt’s work experience includes Industrial Designing at WAGIC, three years as a project coordinator at ISAT Engineering, and numerous freelance design projects. Matt joined SLIMDESIGN in 2017 to continue growing as an industrial designer while lending his design skills in sketching, CAD, user experience and rapid prototyping.

Guillaume Nunne

Product Designer

+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail   |   linked-in

Slimdesign design team Guillaume Nunne
Guillaume studied Industrial Product Design at ISD-Rubika University in Valenciennes (France). In 2014 he collaborated with Logitech on a new gaming experience and then worked at the company to explore the possibility of a virtual reality within the R&D department in Lausanne (Switzerland). He also worked with Technicolor in Paris and study market opportunity for connected objects for the brand Thomson. At Philips Design in Amsterdam, he worked in the male grooming department before joining the SLIMDESIGN team. His focus on detail and visualization skills are a great asset to the team.

Thijs Faber

Product Design Engineer

+31 (0)20 49 22 295
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Slimdesign design team Marloes Ter Heege
Thijs graduated from TU Delft Industrial design. He developed a low energy position tracker using LoRa. Through the clever use of sensors he managed to extend the battery life to 10 years. His brought interest and knowledge of design, mechanics and electronics makes him a very valuable member of the team.

Emil Medina

Junior Product Design Engineer

+31 (0)20 49 22 295
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Slimdesign design team Marloes Ter Heege
Emil studied industrial product design and he joined SLIMDESIGN to be able to develop the design and mechanics together. Though this approach there is more control over the final outcome.

Thorben Wieck

Product Design Intern

+31 (0)20 49 22 295
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Slimdesign design team Marloes Ter Heege
Thorben is the latest addition to the team. He is a great talent. Studying industrial design on the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel, Germany. Soon he will start his graduation project.

Marloes Ter Heege 

Office Manager

+31 (0)20 49 22 295


Slimdesign design team Marloes Ter Heege
Marloes takes care of all the non project related things in our studio. Ranging from the office management, finance, human resources and public relations.

Development Partners

For complex projects we have selected partners that have similar flexibility and drive for perfection. We assemble a core team that develop all aspects (design, ME and EE) simultaneously and remain with the project from start to finish. In this way there is fluid communication, no loss of information and late changes are easier to handle.

Electronic Engineering Team   

Electrical Engineering


Polish Electrical Engineering Team
Our Electrical Engineering partner has the same approach in terms of flexibility and drive for perfection. It enables us to save time and develop the electronics, mechanics and design simultaneously. Over the years we have successfully developed several complex products together.

UX/UI Experts

User Experience
User Interaction
App Development (IOS/Android)
Web Interface

UX UI Experts
We work with different UX/UI experts and digital agencies depending on the needs for the project.


3D Printing
Visual Models
PCB prototypes
Small Batch Production

UX UI Experts
In our workshop we make mechanical models to do tests and have a 3D printer to make volume models. To create high quality prototypes we use partners that deliver reliable quality and can work fast (often within a week).


CE, FCC and UL
EMC, Safety, IP

UX UI Experts
To be able to sell products on the European and American market they have to comply to the standards. We work together with several accreditation bodies (test houses) to make sure our designs for fill these requirements.

Sourcing / Purchasing Expert

Selecting Production Partners
Contract Negotiations

Sourching Partner
The right production partner has to have the expertise to be able to deliver the requested quality for the right price. To find these we have native partners in Asia and Eastern Europe that know the branche and are able to negotiate a better price and conditions. We also advice less experienced clients to use support from and purchasing expert to make sure there are no surprises later on.


Injection Moulding
Metal Dies


Tooling Partners
We work with different tool makers. Finding the right ones is important because the tool price, lead time and quality can vary a lot. Some partners are able to reduce the tool cost when they also produce the parts.



Production Partners

Over the years we have worked with a lot of different high quantity production partners in Asia, America and Eastern Europe. We are happy to help and give advice for the pro’s and cons of the different partners.
For start-ups we have partners that can work cost efficient and start with small production quantities.


Marketing Strategy
Promotion Video
Kickstarter / Indigogo

Promotion Video
We are closely involved with the product launch of our customers. Over the years we have experienced the key factors of their sucess. We are happy to share our insights and support the production of promotion materials.


We are very happy to receive a lot of applications. It might be that our previous work is appealing and that we use an integrated development process or just because Amsterdam is a great place to live. In any case, the downside for the applicants is that we can select from the best. We like a technical background, good sketching and visualization skills, Solid Works and Adobe knowledge and a clean, minimalistic design philosophy.  Please find an explanation of our selection process, portfolio tips & advice here.


Online Marketing / Multimedia (part time 0.4 fte)
Are you interested in design, online strategy and are you active on social media? We are looking for a hands-on person that can improve our global online presence and this WP website.
If you are interested, please send us an e-mail.

Open Application
(also for freelance)

We are always on the lookout for talent. Please feel free to send us your CV and portfolio to info@slimdesign.com


Gaining experience is key for students. We have two intern spots, every six months for technically orientated product designers. If you want to apply, please send your CV and portfolio to info@slimdesign.com
If you like to be informed when we are hiring, please follow us on: Linked-in & Facebook

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