Finding new opportunities and define the most suitable strategy, is the foundation of every great new product. To find unmet product opportunities, we conduct research based on user’s behavior, its environment, needs and desires. By continuously questioning ourselves, we define the future users true needs and create product road maps in which a product can truly add value.

A product starts and ends with its user’s needs, but the world around the user defines the product’s strategy. That’s why during our research we define markets and competitors, as well all stakeholders involved. Combined with data about trends and product evolutions you gain insight on product placement in the market.

“Working with SLIMDESIGN was a great experience. The final design is beautiful and sophisticated and their engineering expertise was a great benefit. The two intensive and fruitful workshops in Amsterdam helped to create a clear project vision.”

Masahiro Fujimoto

Fujitsu, Senior Design Consultant

Data is only valuable if interpreted in the right way, that’s why we prefer to analyze what really matters over creating meaningless data reports. Finding the insights which define a product strategy is how we distill the most valuable information into practical commercial opportunities. Want to know why strategy matters, and how it can help your brand? Please contact us for a free consult.

Competitor Analysis


To clarify the final goal and the project scope, the competitors are mapped and the client’s ambition is pin-pointed. 

Use-Case Analysis


In the use case analysis we focus on the different environments the product may have and how it would be used. The aim is to correctly analyse all the information, identify the appropriate requirements and find the most promising, innovative and suitable opportunity.

Stakeholder Analysis


Understanding who the key stakeholders are, what they seek, and what relation they can have with the client. By analysing these different stakeholders we can find new opportunities and possible collaboration partners.

Customer journey


Going through the whole customer journey from production, purchase, first use, up to disposing and second use, give us insights into possible benefits that will bring real added value for the users and their surroundings.

Product Evolutions


All developments tend to follow a similar evolution process. We use these trends to predict the next generation products.

Trend Analysis


While developing new products several patterns can be repetitively spotted. We have identified a limitless number of these topics and we actively keep track of the latest trends, regulations and new available components.

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To get insight into the different ways you can develop (electronic) products and the advantages, disadvantages and calculations for each of the following methods: Maker platform / OEM / ODM / Custom product development.

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