Your product development project has reached it’s final stage and you want to make sure the design is ready for mass production. This final step in your product development requires specific knowledge of production methods and a broad network of reliable partners. We can help you with both of these aspects.

A collaboration with us during this phase means that we will validate all the technical documents, such as the technical drawings, bill of materials and production methods. With our experience in production we have the knowledge to match the design with the most suitable production partner. We will manage the tooling and validate the first out of tool samples – keeping you constantly informed, and simultaneously supporting the certification process.

““Great team to work with: hands on, pro-active and flexible. The quality of their work is outstanding, always on time and within budget. We expect that they will help a lot of other start-ups (like us) to become a success.”” Erik Harkes

CEO and Founder, BAGTAG

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“Great team to work with: hands on, pro-active and flexible. The quality of their work is outstanding, always on time and within budget. We expect that they will help a lot of other start-ups (like us) to become a success.”

Erik Harkes
CEO and Founder

When production has started, the quality of the products is ensured by a combination of quality assurance management and quality control, during and after production. Local quality control partners will inspect production partners beforehand, as well as the during and after production. This will ensure that the quality of each product which enters the market is at the required quality level. Want to know how we can help you with your final step towards market introduction? Contact us for a free consult!


Finding the right tooling and production partners is not easy. We have a wide network of partners in Asia and Eastern Europe that we have worked with in the past. When reliability, quality and price are correctly tuned, we keep them on our preferred supplier list. If our current partners do not fit, we can help you source production partners for you own success. We also have production contract examples that we’ve used before and can support you in more transparent negotiations.


All electronic products need to pass the certification tests. We do preliminary tests with the prototypes to be sure. These test include: – IP test rating (water and dust tightness) – Safety regulations – EMC (radio interference) – Flammability – Heavy metal use We have several test houses that we use to certify the devices we develop,

Design validation

In the final detailing phase all the possible improvements are implemented and the details are discussed with the toolmakers. Technical specification documents are created to communicate the materials, textures, production tolerances, treatments, colours and product graphics.

Mass production

Making sure the production lines are running smooth and the quality checks are implemented is important. To produce efficiently jigs are made and production equipment need to be fine tuned and calibrated. We help the production partner to focus on the important details and make sure every assembly step is done correctly. In the beginning there will be small production changes and new problems will occur. We stay involved in this phase to solve these problems quickly.

Tooling support

There is a big variety in the production quality of the tools for injection moulding. Together with the toolmaker we define the split-lines, ejectors, injection point, cooling and ventilation and we make sure the tools are made according to the specifications. When the first samples are produced we check and test the parts and make reports how the tool should be improved. Texture is applied and a final production test is done to test the tool in prolonged conditions.

Product launch

The prototypes are fully functional, and because we solved all the problems, they look the same as the final production. These prototypes can be used to evaluate the product during user test, show potential clients or even launch the product on a fair. When the decision to bring a product to the market is made, the development time is short and needs to be risk free, and we assure that no uncertainties exist anymore.

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