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Do you have an idea and need a partner with the knowledge to convert your idea into a product? With our experience in product development and integral, lean design methodology, we will get your product ready for market.

We create minimalist designs that complement the product’s function and excel in detailing and quality. During this phase, a broad spectrum of possible design solutions are generated using an iterative process of brainstorming and sketching. The best solutions are translated into concepts and prototypes. Throughout the entire design process, we work with realistic volumes for the internal components, making the transition to the final design as smooth as possible.

“Out of the box creative designers! Able to strip away all what is unneeded and keep the essential.
I highly recommend them for any product development projects.”​ Eitan Wynalda

Senior Event Production Specialist , Nike EMEA

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“Out of the box creative designers!
Able to strip away all what is unneeded and keep the essential.
I highly recommend them for any product development projects.”

Eitan Wynalda
Senior Event Production Specialist

Product requirements determine the development direction. Striving for simplicity, we use our creativity, expertise, and experience to generate various mechanical design solutions. The most promising directions are prototyped and tested until we find the optimum balance of form, function, cost price, production and assembly. Want to know how we would develop your product? Please get in touch with us!

Functional Mapping


We use functional mapping to outline how the product’s required functions can be solved. The most promising directions will be further investigated in future design brainstorm sessions.

Prototyping Modelmaking


We count on strong relationships with reliable, skilled prototype companies to create final-appearance quality parts. We can have a representation of the final model within three weeks.

UX Analysis


Our approach aims to show a measurable improvement to the product’s user experience. We create an intuitive product by minimizing the amount of steps a user must take to perform an action. 

Software development


Our design capacity is not limited to physical products. We have the ability to build unique standalone software experiences from scratch.

Product design


In our industrial design phase, we synthesize research, formulate the design direction, brainstorm and make sketches and foam models. There is close contact between the designers and mechanical and electrical engineers. The final details are modelled in 3D CAD and visualized through a series of photo-realistic renderings.

Mechanical engineering


With our integral approach, designers, mechanical and electrical engineers collaborate closely to achieve excellence in every product. When changes must be made, our team can quickly assess implications of the adjustments. 

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To get insight into the different ways you can develop (electronic) products and the advantages, disadvantages and calculations for each of the following methods: Maker platform / OEM / ODM / Custom product development.

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