This service checks the feasibility of your product idea. Within two weeks, we will gather valuable, relevant insights to help you determine the optimal approach for product development.

We will define a strategy based on the initial product idea and our knowledge of user behavior, environments, needs and desires. We combine this analysis with insights on  trends, competitors and product evolution to determine the optimal product placement in the market.

“They are designers of high ability, strong in concept, detail and manufacturing design.”

Sir James Dyson

Founder , Dyson Ltd.

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“They are designers of high ability, strong in concept, detail and manufacturing design.”

Sir James Dyson
Founder Dyson Ltd.

Conclusions from the initial phase provide input for our specification loop. We analyze your product to determine the required parts for functioning. This information is organized in a detailed technical specification sheet. At the end of the study, you will receive a report containing this information as well as a project plan, risk assessment and development budget to give you a head start in your project development process. Want to find out the feasibility for your project? Please contact us!

Added value Analysis


We analyze your product to identify areas for adding value. This could influence new product features, services, quality improvement, cost reductions and even inspire completely new concepts.

Functional Specification


Balancing the features in a system requires professional technical knowledge. Every situation is unique and requires a different solution. We have proven expertise dealing with complex briefings and achieving successful results.

Use-Case Analysis


In the use case analysis, we study user scenarios and environments for your product. The goal is to identify user needs and opportunities for the most effective innovations.

Project planning


Depending on the complexity, we can develop an idea into a working prototypes within 3 to 5 Month. The prototypes can be used for a product launch or user tests.

Specification loop


Our component specification loop process outlines product features and specifications with their associated costs. This creates a baseline and minimizes surprises farther into development.                                                

Cost price validation


Gained knowledge allows us to accurately estimate component cost prices, necessary investments and mitigate those unseen restraining factors.

Want to see how this works?

Download the case study!

This case study includes an example feasibility study, giving you an insight in how we work and what to expect when doing a feasibility study.  

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