As consumers have more products to choose from each day, the role of design is more important than ever. Making a difference in a world filled with competitive products, signifies the cruciality of good product design . We believe good design makes a product understandable and useful. Ensuring a product to stand out in even the most crowded markets.

Our design methodology has been refined over the years, by the experience we’ve gathered in a wide field of product design. We define our role as designers to make sure that each product experience is attuned to people’s needs. Trough research and prototyping we identity which aspects will matter the most to the end-user and apply this into the final design.

“Out of the box creative designers! Able to strip away all what is unneeded and keep the essential.
I highly recommend them for any product development projects.”​ Eitan Wynalda

Senior Event Production Specialist , Nike EMEA

This methodology is tailored to reflect the needs, nuances and priorities of every project. Above anything else we are hands on; delivering tangible prototypes that test, challenge and prove innovative ideas. This ensures we are able to give our clients the information they need to make well informed decisions. Want to know more about how design can help your product stand out? Please contact us.

Brand Analysis


We use our seamless brand semantics method to analyse the brand’s core values, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threads, and many other factors that help to define the best roadmap.

design validation


A part of the validation phase is how the final end result will look like. During this phase we create several preliminary design visuals to give insight into the consequences of the choices.



Through our creative and methodological process of brainstorming and sketching, the beginning of product design is defined.

Volume validation


In order to assess the integration of the components into the whole, we apply an integrated approach. In this phase the designers, mechanical end electrical engineers work closely to achieve the optimal component configuration. 

concept building


In our concept building phase we formulate the design focus, make more sketches and foam models, prototype ideas, and reinforce competitive advantages. There is a close contact with the mechanical and electrical engineers to find together the optimum solution.

Real life rendering


For the final phase, photo-realistic imagery is created, either for  distribution, promotion, advertisement, or client showcase purposes. The intention is to present the result in the perfect use-environment so all the highlights stand out.

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To get insight into the different ways you can develop (electronic) products and the advantages, disadvantages and calculations for each of the following methods: Maker platform / OEM / ODM / Custom product development.

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