Report Masterclass ThingsCon

by | SLIMDESIGN | Last updated : Jul 9, 2020

We have been asked to give a masterclass during ThingsCon Amsterdam 2015. The masterclass is about IoT: Scaling IoT products. This IoT conference will take place on December 4th in Volkshotel.

Masterclass IoT by Wouter Konings

Production in large quantities (20K+) requires a different approach than most business-to-business solutions. SLIMdesign specializes in the development of smart connected products in mass production. Wouter Konings has kept track of all the lessons learned during the projects he managed over the years. During the masterclass he will share his insights, give tips and show examples of their projects for Panasonic, MSI, Angelcare and others.


On December 4th 2015, Wouter Konings gave a masterclass during the IoT event: ThingsCon Amsterdam. If you have missed this event, you can read the report about his masterclass or watch the video of the presentation.