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smart water dispenser

Development support

The Rocean One will be the first smart water device built for both homes and commercial environments to filter, flavor and carbonate your water.


Design development & Strategy:

  • Analysing potential market opportunities (new features, technologies, pains, gains, competitors)
  • Product family advising
  • User journey, flow charts
  • Colour, Materials and Finishes (CMF)

Engineering design:

  • Internal engineering
  • Detailing design directions
  • Market requirements and calculations

For several years now, we have partnered with Rocean to help them develop their vision to remove one billion single-use bottles from circulation within five years,  and 10 billion within 10 years.

Rocean One will be launched in limited batches beginning spring of 2020.  We await to see the result and response with great expectation.

Let’s Work Together

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