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Smart Alarm Clock

The Circa alarm clock is designed to help you wake up and fall asleep without any distractions. For this reason, the clock aims for smartphone-less nights. No more restless nights due to your smartphone. The alarm clock has a breathing assistant and soothing sounds to help you fall asleep. The included sleep sensor helps you wake up at the right moment.

We see ourselves as external development partners and coordinated the Kickstarter design, engineering and prototype development. With our integrated development processes, we can develop Kickstarter prototypes fast end efficient. Because the important production issues are solved the final engineering phase after funding can be short. We support our clients throughout the campaign and after with outsourcing and production implementation support. The final design is by Robert Bronwasser.
Kickstarter Prototype |  Milled and Painted  |  Working Electronics
Final Engineering  |  SLS Prototype
Final Engineering  | Exploded view
Final product  |  Available in 3 shades


SLIMDESIGN has been a great support for our project. Their work on the industrialization of CIRCA was very professional and efficient, and with their extensive network, we were able to reduce the tooling and production cost quite a lot. It was pleasure to work with them and I can recommend them highly. Especially if you are looking for partner to make your Kickstarter idea reality.

Hans Brouwer

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