DC03 and CR01 Projects

Wouter was involved in the development of the third Dyson vacuum cleaner and the Dyson washing machine. Dyson is technology-driven and approaches and employs an integral development method wherein one team of design engineers develops a product from start to finish.

DC03 Project

Dyson’s third vacuum cleaner was designed to be able to reach under beds and be stowed away by hanging in a closet. In conjunction with a new cyclone system, Wouter developed a clutch, filters and a valve.

Wouter Konings was responsibility for the cyclone (and valve) development, the tooling management and support during the start of production.

New Innovations

Additional Features

Engineering & Implementation

Cyclone Development  |  Mechanical Engineering  |  Tooling  |  Production Management

Project Activities:

Design Engineering
Tooling Managing
Production Support

Team Members:

Dyson DC03 Team
Wouter Konings


CR01 Project
(Counter rotation washing machine)

James Dyson was determined to change the way we wash clothes. With traditional machines, folded jeans often come out still folded.

To find a more thorough washing method we tested all possible techniques. The conclusion was that manipulating the fabric, similar to hand-washing, gives the best results. The counter rotation drums mimics this action.

Wouter Konings was one of a small, selected team of engineers with the task of making this happen.

Analyses of traditional wash machine

Small door opening  |  Rubber gasket  |  Clothes come out folded

Wash technology development

A wide range of washing techniques were prototyped and tested. The conclusion was that washing by hand gives the best result because it manipulates the clothing fibers.

Dyson CR01

Big door opening  |  No rubber gasket  |  Large volume drum  |  Counter rotation

Additional Features  |  Improvement of overall User Experience

Engineering   |  Testing

Project Activities:

Technology Development
Design Engineering

Team Members:

Dyson CR01 Team
Wouter Konings

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