Consumer Product Design & Strategy

Fujitsu asked us to help define their laptop design strategy for the coming years. With this in mind, we facilitated two, 3-days workshops with their designers in our design studio in Amsterdam. We used the output to develop several final concepts.

Strategy during the workshops:

  • Analyzing future use cases (pains, gains and new features)
  • Analyzing the new technologies and their opportunities
  • Brainstorming, Idea Sketching, Foam Modeling

Design activities after the workshops:

  • Creating concepts for the most promising ideas
  • Detailing several different design directions

We are looking forward to see the final results.


Working with SLIMDESIGN was a great experience. The final design is beautiful and sophisticated and their engineering expertise was a great benefit. The two intensive and fruitful workshops in Amsterdam helped to create a clear project vision.

Masahiro Fujimoto
Senior Design Consultant

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