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Wearable tracker development to educate our children

The use of child location trackers will grow in the near future. When child tracker development is executed right, trackers can create real added value in the child-parent communication. Current tracking solutions encounter issues, such as lacking battery life and unreliable connectivity, and location. Train & Track sets out to create a reliable and maintenance free tracking solution and use them to educate children about the dangers in the household.

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Strategy  |  Competition Analysis  |  Testing

Strategy in child tracker development  |  Use Case Analyses  |  User Testing  |  Defining the Pain and Gains

Homes should be a safe place, yet they are full of potential dangers. We have researched potential hazardous scenarios, in and outside the home. We then identified multiple opportunities for improvement in order to make a safer home environment. An analysis of available accident research combined with an elaborate visualization of our lives, lead us to some valuable insights for the purpose child tracker development. The tracking device market is a very competitive one and our research enables us to stand out from the crowd with insights that no other company has. This allows us to develop a meaningful tracking solution that can help prevent future child accidents.

The different use cases and surroundings are visualized to study the complex product interaction possibilities and explore ergonomic relationships between the user and device. Analysing use cases helps to determine new over-looked opportunities that can create added value to the end product.

Design  |  Inspiration

Design  |  Ideation Skeching

Design  |  Detailing

Curious about the specific results of our child tracker development research ? Or looking for a partner to develop a wearable product ?

We would be more than happy to give advice and explore how we can help.

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