Car Seat Child Restraint System 

We set out to improve the way we travel with our babies. During our analysis, we came to the conclusion that there is a contradiction between the safety of a child inside the car and the ergonomics of use by the parents while carrying the child outside the car. With the car seat child restraint system design, we aimed to resolve this contradiction and trigger a meaningful innovation in child seats.

Strategy  |  Juvenile Travel Analyses
Strategy  |  Contradiction

(crash protection)

(weight, size)

Design Concept   |  Light Weight Infant Carrier  |  Car Seat with Crash Protection  |  Toddler Inlay
Design Concept  |  Features
Multi Layer Crash Protection
Unique Selling Points

Most Ergonomic
The lightest carrier available
Ergonomic sides (no uncomfortable protrusions)
Integrated shoulder strap

Multi-layer impact protection

One System
Ranging from birth to ± 4 years

We were happily surprised that Recaro introduced the Zero 1 Elite two years later.

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