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Body Camera Design


The Zepcam body camera design is a body-worn video camera for professional use. The result of the body camera development is a small, rugged and lightweight camera that is capable of filming day and night. It enables individuals, for instance working in law enforcement, public transport or industry, to record important events. The camera comes with a docking station for charging and data transfer.

External Development Team

SLIMDESIGN operates as an external design and development team for Zepcam. We work in close contact with their electronic and software engineers. We were responsible for the design, engineering and production of the T2 wearable body camera.

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Design  |  Concept Phase

Design  |  Detailing

Design  |  Visualization Docking Station

Engineering  |  Final Detailing  |  Exploded View

Engineering  |  Prototyping  |  Testing  |  Technical Drawings

Implementation Support  |  Mass Production

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“The camera design is spot on, very successful and loved by the users. We are working with SLIMDESIGN for several years and they operate as integrated part of our own development team. They are great to work with: direct and quick contact, open, flexible, and they always act in our / the projects interest. Their extensive knowledge of developing complex electronic products is a great benefit.

Bart van der Aa
CEO & co-founder

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