We strive for simplicity in our design and engineering. We analyse and prioritise the product requirements in order to establish a development direction. We use our creativity, expertise and experience to generate different mechanical solutions. The most promising directions are prototyped and tested. We keep puzzling until we find the optimum between form, function, cost price, production and assembly.

Analysis  |  Cable Management Reference for MSI

Analysis  |  Functional Mapping  |  View Angle Adjustment Angelcare

Innovation  |  Wash Action Prototyping and Testing at Dyson

Ideation  |  Technical ideas for Philips
Ideation  |  Technical ideas for Nike
Pre – Construction  |  Technical Concept for Angelcare

Mechanical Engineering  |  Plastics for mass production for Zepcam

Mechanical Engineering  |  Technical Product Documentation for Nike

Prototyping  |  3D prints for Zepcam

Implementation Support  |  Tooling and Production Management for Panasonic
Post Production  |  Cost Optimisation BeerTender Keg Fitment for Heineken

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