Whether you are developing a new product or introducing a product update, developing an interconnecting IoT device asks for a certain integration of industrial design, electrical engineering, and User experience design. Data must be collected, processed and communicated, whilst maintaining a favorable user experience. As an external party, we have found to have a great added value for project integration, due to our hands on IoT experience. Our design agency has experience designing and developing IoT products for clients such as Panasonic, Zepcam, and Fujitsu. Our gained knowledge has resulted in our unique Integrated Design process, enabling us to assist our clients during the complete IoT development process. We give strategic advice as a conclusion from our IoT analysis, develop concepts, carry out Design and Engineering (including Electronic Engineering), and offer support during Sourcing and Production.



IoT allows users to collect valuable data about and use this data to create better products.


Upgrading a product can be as easy as releasing a software update, increasing the product life-cycle and improving the user experience.


Knowing how users are using your products allows you to alter the products to better suit the needs of the user.


IoT enables companies to save time and money due to the automation of processes.


Need to change a product? Instead of issuing a recall, With IoT a software update may be all that is needed.


After your product is launched, IoT enables you to analysis how your product can be more efficient.


Get instance, accurate and low cost user feedback when you add IoT capabilities to your products.


Making your product smarter makes it more useful and desirable to the end consumer.


We use a roadmap during the development of IoT products. The roadmap consists of a loop of determining functionalities, specifying components, and validation.


Data is the core of the internet of things. In our IoT analysis, we research the complete use context (user, stakeholders, context) to pinpoint what is valuable in the IoT context.  The IoT analysis is concluded with a strategic proposition, describing future functionalities, user experience, and opportunities.

Component Specification Loop

When the product opportunity is defined, the component specification loop process ensures that all the important aspects are tackled before the product development starts and it gives insight into the consequences of certain choices. We are able to develop an idea into working prototypes within 3 to 5 months. Prototypes can be used for a product launch or user tests. When the decision is made to bring the product to the market, the time to production is short. Most of the mechanical and electrical engineering challenges will be solved.


Selecting sensors for your product is essential for the type and quality of data and user feedback you collect. The key is not to aimlessly collect as much data as possible but to carefully and deliberately collect only the necessary data, no more no less.


Energy consumption and the power supply is another key consideration that comes with IoT product development.  Products that require batteries need to carefully balance out the functionalities (power consumption) and with the battery life.


Connectivity is one of the primary challenges facing IoT products, every frequency has its own advantages and disadvantages and finding which one is right for your needs is crucial to the success of your product.  Range, penetration, costs, data usage, privacy, uploading frequency, size and availability are some parameters that must be taken into consideration.

Design Validation

Validation is a must in product development. Before approval all products are validated by our engineers, or if required by certified validation partners. Our goal in the validation process it to identify potential problems in the design and use as early as possible. After a succesful validation we offer multiple solutions and alternatives to ensure a smooth transition from design development to manufacturing.

Recent IoT Product Design Projects

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