We do not follow the standard design process. We have cultivated an integrated, lean, development method where design, mechanical and electrical engineering are seamlessly interwoven. It is more efficient, flexible and faster than traditional methods.

Please select one of the different project types, to get insight into our development process.
The activities and deliverables are fine-tuned to the specific needs of the project and client.


The SLIMDESIGN design team specializes in Design, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Complex projects (like IoT) need a large team of experts from a variety of disciplines. We assemble a core team that develop all aspects (Design, ME and EE) simultaneously and remain with the project from start to finish. In this way there is fluid communication, no loss of information and late changes are easier to handle. For the other disciplines we have selected partners that have similar flexibility and drive for perfection. This way we are flexible and can make sure we work with the best experts in their field.

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