“We create meaningful products

that push the boundaries in design and technology.”


In Dutch SLIM means Bright | Clever | Smart and Intelligent.

We design electronic products using a lean, integrated development process with minimal overhead. Our aim is to simplify the products we design to their bare essentials. This helps us to create meaningful projects that push the boundaries in both design and technology.


We function as an external development department for our partners. We make sure we create real added value, by creating long lasting relationships with our clients. We take pride in the multiple design and innovation awards we received over the years, but we take most pride in our clients’ appreciation.

Design studio Panasonic NEC SIEMENS ASML Nike Angelcare Thetford FEI KPN ZEPCAM TESTEV BAGTAG


slimdesign award logos
slimdesign award logos
slimdesign logo dyson

“They are designers of high ability, strong in concept, detail and manufacturing design.”

Sir James Dyson
Dyson Ltd.
slimdesign logo nike

“Out of the box creative designers!
Able to strip away all what is unneeded and keep the essential.
I highly recommend them for any product development projects.”

Eitan Wynalda
Senior Event Production Specialist
slimdesign logo Fujitsu

Working with SLIMDESIGN was a great experience. The final design is beautiful and sophisticated and their engineering expertise was a great benefit. The two intensive and fruitful workshops in Amsterdam helped to create a clear project vision.

Masahiro Fujimoto
Senior Design Consultant
slimdesign logo bagtag

“Great team to work with: hands on, pro-active and flexible. The quality of their work is outstanding, always on time and within budget. We expect that they will help a lot of other start-ups (like us) to become a success.”

Erik Harkes
CEO and Founder
slimdesign logo bagtag

“I have collaborated with SLIMDESIGN on several projects. They worked efficiently with our internal team to created various component configurations in order to analyze the design possibilities. The final results were not only beautiful, but they always took care of all the minute mechanical and production details. Great team overall, looking forward to working with them in the near future.”

Potter Lin

The team


The SLIMDESIGN team members specialize in Design, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. For each project we put together a core team that stays involved with the project from start to finish. This empowers quick communication, no loss of information and facilitates the possibility to make late changes in a project.


Product Design Director
(and founder)
+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail   |   linked-in


Wouter Konings worked at Dyson (UK), Philips (shavers) and a big design consultancy, before he started his own studio. He was eager to break free of the way the consultancy was managed and wanted to develop products in a more integrated way (as he was used to at Dyson).


New realities expert (AR/VR)
+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail | linked-in


With a university degree in Computer Science and complementary education at the Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy, Sander uses his imagination to work on innovative solutions for projects in which the physical and the virtual space complement each other and interact beyond the standard possibilities. With special focus on the social impact, he brings his research into creating new future realities for the present time.


Junior Industrial Designer
+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail | linked-in


Right after the internship at Whirlpool’s headquarters in Michigan, coming from the College for Creative Studies, this new addition to the team has crossed the Atlantic Ocean to amaze us with his sketches and understanding of the user needs.


Senior Product Design Engineer
+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail   |   linked-in


Allen studied Engineering Design & Innovation in Amsterdam. After his studies, he was involved in the development of a body worn surveillance camera. When this was completed, Zepcam asked Allen to take a leading role in the mechanical design and development of their complete product portfolio. In 2014 Allen joined SLIMDESIGN. His input in the projects with Panasonic, MSI, Philips and Angelcare have been very valuable because of his knowledge of complex embedded electronics products and his excellent mechanical engineering expertise.


Product Design Engineer
+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail | linked-in


Robert studied Industrial Design Engineering at Saxion University of Applied Sciences with internships at INDES and GM Design. Robert worked at Velda as Industrial Product Design & Quality Engineer before joining SLIMDESIGN.


Junior Industrial  Designer
+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail | linked-in


Maike studies Industrial Design on the University of Wuppertal where she learned to focus on the function and use of products in her surroundings in order to improve them and bring them to life.


Product Design Engineer
+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail | linked-in


Stijn Studied Industrial Product Design in Enschede. During his studies he gained knowledge doing internships in all spectrums of industrial product design. After his studies Stijn did several freelance assignments before starting to work for a start-up located in Delft developing a new kind of electric toothbrush. Combined with his technical knowledge, wide range of interests, curiosity and knowledge of design Stijn is a valuable member for the team.


Business Developer IoT
+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail   |   linked-in


Joris has a background in industrial design and is a business and innovation specialist in the field of the ‘Internet of Things’. He developed products for international clients such as Honeywell, Vodafone, Heineken and Kimberly-Clark. Recent years he was Business Developer IoT at an IT-company and Partner Manager IoT at KPN, the largest Dutch telco. At SLIMDESIGN he helps clients with their IoT strategy, concept development and finding their way in the IoT domain.


Office Manager
+31 (0)20 49 22 295
e-mail | linked-in


Marloes takes care of all the non-project related things in our studio. Ranging from the office management, finance, human resources and public relations.


For complex projects we have selected partners that have similar flexibility and drive for perfection. We assemble a core team that develops all aspects (design, ME and EE) simultaneously and remain with the project from start to finish. In this way there is fluid communication, no loss of information and late changes are easier to handle.

Electronic Engineering Team   

Electrical Engineering


Polish Electrical Engineering Team
Our Electrical Engineering partner has the same approach in terms of flexibility and drive for perfection. It enables us to save time and develop the electronics, mechanics and design simultaneously. Over the years we have successfully developed several complex products together.

UX/UI Experts

User Experience
User Interaction
App Development (IOS/Android)
Web Interface

UX UI Experts
We work with different UX/UI experts and digital agencies depending on the needs of the project.


3D Printing
Visual Models
PCB prototypes
Small Batch Production

UX UI Experts
In our workshop we make mechanical models to do tests and have a 3D printer to make volume models. To create high quality prototypes we use partners that deliver reliable quality and can work fast (often within a week).


CE, FCC and UL
EMC, Safety, IP

UX UI Experts
To be able to sell products on the European and American market they have to comply with the standards. We work together with several accreditation bodies (test houses) to make sure our designs fulfill these requirements.

Sourcing / Purchasing Expert

Selecting Production Partners
Contract Negotiations

Sourching Partner
The right production partner has to have the expertise to be able to deliver the requested quality for the right price. To find these we have native partners in Asia and Eastern Europe that know the branch and are able to negotiate a better price and conditions. We also advice less experienced clients to use support from and purchasing expert to make sure there are no surprises later on.


Injection Moulding
Metal Dies

Tooling Partners
We work with different tool makers. Finding the right ones is important because the tool price, lead time and quality can vary a lot. Some partners are able to reduce the tool cost when they also produce the parts.



Production Partners
Over the years we have worked with a lot of different high quantity production partners in Asia, America and Eastern Europe. We are happy to help and give advice on the pros and cons of the different partners. For start-ups we have partners that can work cost efficient and start with small production quantities.


Marketing Strategy
Promotion Video
Kickstarter / Indigogo

Promotion Video
We are closely involved with the product launch of our customers. Over the years we have experienced the key factors of their success. We are happy to share our insights and support the production of promotional materials.

The Slimdesign Process


At SLIMDESIGN we work with our own design methodology. We have developed an integrated, lean, development process that allows design, mechanical and electrical engineering to be seamlessly interwoven. By working with a dedicated project team, we can be more efficient, flexible and faster than traditional methods.









Strategy + Insights


The foundation of every great product is a strong design strategy. Here at SLIMDESIGN we analyze and research competitors, markets, use case scenarios, customer journeys, stakeholders, trends and evolutions, and create added value as part of our strategy analyses.



The product specifications are determined based on product requirements, strategy and insights. These specifications include functionality, technical and component requirements, cost price calculations and validation methods. This will give you and us detailed insight in the project road ahead, ensuring we get the desired results the fastest way possible.



We create designs that complement the products function, are minimalistic, and excel in the detailing and quality. During this phase, a broad spectrum of possible design solutions will be generated through an iterative process of brainstorms and sketches. With our iterative design methodology, the best solutions will be translated in possible concepts and prototypes. In the course of the whole design process we make sure to work with realistic volumes of all the internal components, making the transition to the final design as smooth as possible.



We strive for simplicity in our design and engineering. We analyse and prioritise the product requirements in order to establish a development direction. We use our creativity, expertise and experience to generate different mechanical solutions. The most promising directions are prototyped and tested. We keep making different variations until we find the optimum between form, function, cost price, production and assembly.



In the final stage of the product development process we ensure the design is ready for mass production. With a broad network of possible suppliers we have the knowledge to match the design with the most suitable production partner. We manage the tooling and validate the part samples. Simultaneously we support the certification process. When production has started, the quality of the products is ensured by a combination of quality assurance management and quality control during and after production.



The entire process is always optimised for each individual project. Based on the project requirements and our in-house knowledge the process is tuned to suit your needs and wishes. Our proven working method has have been awarded numerous design awards and innovation prizes and we always make sure our resources are utilized as efficient as possible.

Want to develop a product?

Do you have a product idea and want to know what we can do for you? Or are you looking for more information?    Please contact us.


Our studio is situated in the center of Amsterdam, 10 min walk from Central Station, on the waterfront and next to Pakhuis de Zwijger.

The area is known as a creative hot spot with a lot of:

  • Designers and Artists
  • Startups like Wetransfer
  • Branding and Advertising
  • Cultural Companies
  • Galleries and Shops
  • Cafe / Bar / Restaurants
Loods 6


Our address:

Veemkade 336
1019 HD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 49 22 295


Key Contact:
Wouter Konings
Product Design Director
+31 (0)20 49 22 295


It is a 10 min walk along the water from Central Station.
We are on the waterfront next to Pakhuis de Zwijger.
Public Transport
Take tram 26 from Central Station.
Get off at the second stop (Kattenburgerstraat)
By Car
Easy excess from the ring, take exit S114.
Parking is below our office at Apcoa Parking (De Loodsen).


SLIMDESIGN has an open, flexible and direct culture. We are ambitious and make sure we and the client are happy with the outcome. As an agency we look for growth by doing increasingly more interesting projects. Design and innovation awards are nice but for us the client’s appreciation of our work is key. If you are interested in joining our studio, please send us an open application and follow our social media pages for vacancy updates.
Open Application
(also for freelance)
We are always interested in experienced, technical engineers and designers that can support our team. If you think you can add something valuable in Design, UX/UI, App, Coding, or Electrical or Mechanical Engineering, please send your portfolio to info@slimdesign.com and we will contact you when we have an opportunity to work together.​

Gaining experience is key for students. We have two intern spots, available every six months for technically orientated product designers. Please send your application to info@slimdesign.com. To help students, we created this page with valuable information about our selection process and what we look for in our internship applicants.

If you like to be informed when we are hiring, please follow us on: LinkedIn & Facebook

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