Wearable product design

Data harvested by the sensors of wearables are an essential element in the internet of things network. We see them having a growing importance in managing health, safety, and infrastructure.

As a product design agency, we have participated in multiple development processes of wearables over the last years. Designing wearables shows the recurring challenge: the contradiction between functionalities (read battery life) on the one hand, and appearance and ergonomics on the other side. Since wearables are body worn, they put extra stress on the ergonomic properties of the product. This should be considered during the development.

With the development of more efficient electrical components, and low energy communication technologies, wearables are likely to become smaller and smaller, being beneficial for both functionalities as user experience.


SLIMDESIGN has considerable experience in design and developing wearable products. We have developed wearable designs for various clients and been involved in the development of products such as the Zepcam camera, the track and train child tracker and more.


SLIMDESIGN is in an ideal position to design wearables because of our ergonomic research and experience. To this end, we developed an anthropomorphic 3D Human Model, which is a professional tool that we use to incorporate accurate anthropomorphic data into our development process. This enables us to quickly and accurately test and evaluate the ergonomic considerations, so we can focus our energies on creating the best possible product.

Internet of things

In addition, our internet of things experience gives us unique insights into the connected devices market which is at the core of wearable products. With our core development team of designers, mechanical engineering, and electrical specialists we can combine our skills to develop complex multidisciplinary products. Finally, if greater expertise is required we can draw upon our network of experts in related fields that we have acquired over the years to ensure that all areas of the product development have been covered.


Have an idea for a wearables product? Please get in touch and we can discuss the ways in which we can help bring your product to market.

Recent Wearable Design Projects

bodycam development Zepcam police camera
Zepcam Logo
wearable tracker development  of an educational child tracker
Siemens Logo

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