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The way consumers have interacted with products has changed dramatically over the last few decades. In the modern world, the digital interactions that users have with products are just as important as the interactions that they have in the physical world. SLIMDESIGN believes that ensuring these experiences are memorable is key to the relationship that users have with your products. We have a unique, tried and tested process for ensuring that the user interface and experience attached to our products are fluid, natural and elegant.

With User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design is it crucial to craft experiences that are both intuitive to use and functional, while still being designed in a way that makes the interface a joy to use, not a chore. Whether it’s designing a graphical user interface(GUI), an app or a virtual experience we have found that the key is to have the ability to see the process from the user’s perspective. By empathising with the user, you are in a better position to evaluate what features enhance the experience the most and what detracts from it. User tests are a necessity for our designers to monitor the user’s behavior during the use. One of the main design challenges with UX design is to get the balance right between simplicity and functionality. At SLIM we try and focus on only the essential, by simplifying the design to its core we can then evaluate what’s most important and remove the distractions.

At SLIMDESIGN we are always trying to look to the future of design. User Interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design is no exception to this, by analysing the current trends of user interaction, we can begin thinking about how the landscape will look in five or ten years from now. We design our interfaces with this consideration of the future in mind. This allows us to create user interactions that stand the test of time.

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