Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering & Design

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a core strength of SLIMDESIGN. We believe that to make a truly great product that the function is just as essential as the form. Therefore, we ensure that our designers and engineers work in harmony together so that they all understand the whole development process. Since the same team remains responsible the during the complete project, we reduce the changes of a fragmented process. This enables our team to all work to their strengths, ensuring that nothing has been missed or overlooked. As a design agency, we see value in complete involvement in the development process.  

Mechanical Engineering & Design

At SLIMDESIGN we all have a shared interest in mechanical working principles. Both our in-house designers as engineers have a technical background, ensuring a solid knowledge of physics, materials, and manufacturing. We believe in an experimental approach in the analysis and design phase, tackling uncertainties as soon as possible. In our workshop we can rapidly make mechanical and electrical prototypes, enabling quick iterations in the design phase. Our prototyping partners enable us to make more advanced production realistic prototypes. Over the years we gained hands-on knowledge in the mass production of consumer products, resulting in a fast and smooth transition from working prototype to production. In addition to our core team of designers and engineers, we have access a widespread network of manufactures and experts. We pride ourselves on our Mechanical Solutions.

Mechanical Design

Recent Mechanical Engineering Projects

bodycam development Zepcam police camera
Zepcam Logo
Philishave shaver design and engineering
Phillips Logo
Panasonic Cam
Panasonic client logo slimdesign product design portfolio
angelcare baby monitor engineering by design studio
Panasonic client logo slimdesign product design portfolio

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