Industrial Design

Industrial Design

SLIMDESIGN’s core discipline is Industrial Design. At SLIM we strive to create products that embody our design ethos of simplicity. We try to remove the inessentials and reduce a form down to its core elements. This allows us to design products that are elegant, intuitive and functional.


In the Industrial design process, we balance out product function, features and form to satisfy the needs of both the user as our client. This complex process starts off with analysis the core problem. We use a systematic approach to define the problem and its context. Depending on the project, this approach includes trend and development analysis, market research, user research and stakeholder analysis. The analysis is concluded with a product vision describing the strategy, function and added value of what the future concept should entail. As an external party, we have a fresh, less subjective perspective, which can add value in this process.

Industrial Design


After this, we start the design phase, this usually begins with a brainstorming session. The ideas are converged into the most promising directions. Once we have picked a direction to go down, we start developing the ideas which then leads us to create some concepts. During this phase, we usually present the concepts in the form of sketches, 3D renders or simple mock-ups.

Industrial Design


This step is all about the detailing and the mechanical and electrical engineering of the product. Whilst respecting the criteria of the project, manufacturing limitations, the mechanical construction component and materials. This phase tends to have a strong iterative character, with several design loops in which the concept is evaluated. The embodiment is usually concluded with a CAD model and physical prototype. Small insights of knowledge are essential in this phase.

Industrial Design


In order to meet high-quality requirements, we strongly recommend that our clients make a production prototype. This enables validation of the design of the products and pinpoints the necessary design changes in an early stage of the development. This avoids many of the large costs in production.

Industrial Design

Production sourcing and support

Finding a proper manufacturing partner can be a challenging activity in which expectations in quality, competences, production volume and costs are essential parameters. Over the years we have acquired an elaborate network of manufacturers and suppliers. We are more than happy to help our clients to find the appropriate production partner. We can also offer support during the production start-up.

See process for more information about the tools we use in our development.

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