Electronic Product Design

Electronic Product Design

Electronic Product Design

SLIMDESIGN Amsterdam specializes in electronic product design. Complex projects (like Internet of Things) need experts from a large variety of disciplines. For each project we built a core team that remains with the project from start to finish and use an integrated process where all aspects (Design, UX, ME and EE) are developed simultaneously. In this way there is fluid communication, no loss of information and late changes are easier to handle. We can manage the entire product design and development process and give support during the implementation. For more information about our electrical design process, click here.

Recent Electronic Product Design Projects

bodycam development Zepcam police camera
Zepcam Logo
Philishave shaver design and engineering
Phillips Logo
Panasonic Cam
Panasonic client logo slimdesign product design portfolio
Electronic luggage label design
Bagtag logo

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