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Implementation Process


The implementation phase is the final stage of the product development process. This is where we ensure a smooth transition into production and long term product reliability. Do you want to know how we can help you with this process? Contact us for a free consultation.

& Negotiations


Finding the right tooling and production partners is not easy. We have a wide network of production partners in Asia and Eastern Europe. However, if our current partners do not fit, we can help to find the right match regarding size, reliability, quality and price. We support the quotation and contract negotiation process to make sure you get the right (transparent) price, under the right conditions.

Tooling Management


The quality of a plastic part depends on the injection moulding tool. We support the tool maker selection and quotations process. We analyse the mould flow simulations and define split-lines, ejectors, injection point, cooling and ventilation. The tool design drawings are inspected to verify that they are to the correct specifications. Before tool approval, a final production test is performed to evaluate the tool in prolonged conditions.



The first parts released from the tool are never 100% correct. This can be due to a variety of factors: the tool details, the material and the injection process (injection temp, speed, cooling, etc.). We test these parts to analyse fit function and tolerances. The conclusions and modifications are communicated in trial reports.



All electronic products must pass certification tests. Using prototypes, we conduct preliminary testing of: IP rating (water and dust tightness) – safety regulations – EMC (radio interference) – flammability – heavy metal use. We have several testing facilities to certify the devices we develop.

Hand-over Documentation


We support the hand-over with a complete information package consisting of 3D CAD files, 2D technical drawings, Bill of Materials and colour, material and finish document. Ideally, the production partners help lower the cost price and optimise the product to suit their production methods. However, depending on the capabilities of the partner, we may help monitor the production quality for the duration of the implementation phase.

Production Support


Ensuring the production lines are running smoothly and quality checks are implemented is important. To produce efficiently, jigs are created and production equipment needs to be fine-tuned and calibrated. We help the production partner focus on important details and make sure assembly is done correctly. In the beginning, there will be small production changes and new problems will arise. We remain involved to solve these problems quickly.

Pre-Production Validation


We arrange for inexperienced ‘friendly user’ testers to validate the product in a real working environment. They provide feedback on possible improvements. Managing the users and communicating their comments, remarks and issues to the development team is a difficult and often underestimated task. Small tweaks can have a great impact and some modifications like software improvements can be easily implemented.

Quality Control


Once production has started, the quality of the product is ensured by a combination of quality assurance management and quality control. Local quality control partners will inspect production partners during production and before they are shipped. This guarantees each product meets the requirements.

Distribution Logistics


Often, the first production model is flown in for the product introduction. After the initial release, distributing the product internationally can be a challenging process. It requires applications for a wide variety of national regulations. Luckily, there are distribution partners who manage most of this.

Marketing &
IP Support


We use renderings, animations and arrange photo shoots with our prototypes (they look identical to the final product) to tell the story. There are also aspects of intellectual property to consider, especially in Asia. We wrote this article to provide insight.

Product Launch


Our prototypes look identical to the final production model. They can be used for user testing, to show potential clients or even launch the product at a fair. When you decide to introduce the product to the market, development time will be short and risk free. We make sure that no uncertainties exist.

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