We do not follow the standard design process. We have cultivated an integrated, lean, development method where design, mechanical and electrical engineering are seamlessly interwoven. It is more efficient, flexible and faster than traditional methods.

Please select one of the different project types, to get insight into our development process.
The activities and deliverables are fine-tuned to the specific needs of the project and client.


We create designs that complement the products function, are clean and minimalistic and excel in the detailing and quality. We analyze and research competitors, markets, use case scenarios, customer journeys, stakeholders, trends and evolutions, and added value as part of our strategy analyses. We create a realistic volume of the internal components to be sure the final design can be achieved. We have been awarded numerous design awards and innovation prizes for our work.


Analysis  |  Competitor Analyses  |  Reference product Analyses  |  Formulating Design Focus  |  Product Semantics


Ideation  |  Brainstorming  and Ideation Sketching

Concept  |  Concept Development in 3D CAD



Prototyping  |  Foam Models, Rapid Prototyping and Visual Models

Added Value Through Design  |  Unique Character  |  Expressive  | Function Indication through Form Design

CAD Detailing  |  Definition and Finalize Details for Production

Visualization  |  In context renderings  |  High quality renders for presentations or promotions

Design Language  |  Translating the design language to the mid and low range

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