The foundation of every great product is a strong design strategy. Here at SLIMDESIGN we analyze and research competitors, markets, use case scenarios, customer journeys, stakeholders, trends and evolutions, and added value as part of our strategy analyses.

Competitor Analysis

With our competitor analysis report we can generate discussions about important aspects of the new product and help to determine its USP’s. Mapping the competitors and pinpointing the client’s ambition within this field, helps to clarify the project scope.

Stakeholder Analysis

This analysis helps to point out the various interests of all possible stakeholders. It generates insights into possible complementary partners and new business models.

Product Evolution

All developments tend to follow a similar evolutionary process. Pinpointing the trends in this process helps to predict what the next generation of products might be.

Use Case Analyses

We visualize the different use cases and environments to demonstrate a complete overview of the product interaction. We use this to find new opportunities that can create added value.

Customer Journey

During its lifetime, a product goes through numerous phases and is used in different ways. Visualizing each phase beforehand, helps potential customers to participate in discussions surrounding a product’s life-cycle.

Functional Trend Analysis

While developing new products there are always certain ‘problems’ which tend to arise time and again. We have identified a dozen of these problem topics and actively keep track of the latest related trends, regulations and new component availability.

User Research

We observe users interacting with existing products as well as with our working prototypes. We generate ideas and concepts and invite the user panel to give their feedback and vision. Brainstorm sessions help inspire participants to come up with new related ideas.

Unique Selling Points  |  Finding added value for Dyson

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