Design studio SLIMDESIGN develops intelligent smart products, ranging from Internet of Things devices to smart mechanics. We apply a lean development process and are keen to keep our designs as slim as possible.

We have long lasting relationships with clients ranging from ambitious start-ups to multinationals

Design studio SLIMDESIGN
Design studio SLIMDESIGN

are rewarded with many design and innovation prices

slimdesign award logos
slimdesign award logos

and got some great testimonials from our clients

slimdesign logo dyson

“They are designers of high ability, strong in concept, detail and manufacturing design.”

Sir James Dyson
Dyson Ltd.

slimdesign logo nike

“Out of the box creative designers!
Able to strip away all what is unneeded and keep the essential.
I highly recommend them for any product development projects.”

Eitan Wynalda
Senior Event Production Specialist

slimdesign logo bagtag

“Great team to work with: hands on, pro-active and flexible. The quality of their work is outstanding, always on time and within budget. We expect that they will help a lot of other start-ups (like us) to become a success.”

Erik Harkes
CEO and Founder

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